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Painless Birth.

A married couple go to hospital together to have their baby delivered. When
they arrive, the doctor says they have just taken delivery of a new machine
which transfers a portion of the mother's pain to the father.
"Would you be willing to try it out?" asks the doctor.
"Yes of course," says the husband, who is very much a Sensitive New Age
As the woman goes into labour, the doctor sets the machine to 10 per cent
and asks the man if it hurts. "No, it's fine," he says. The doctor raises the
setting to 20 per cent. "Still okay," says the man. The doctor gradually lifts
the setting to 50 per cent. The husband closes his eyes and grits his teeth,
but insists he can cope without any problem, so the doctor raises it gradually
to 75 per cent.
"I can take it," says the husband. "Give me the full 100 per cent." So the
doctor does, and the wife bears the baby with no pain at all.
The doctor goes off to write up the case for The Medical Journal, while the
couple take their baby home. On the doorstep they find the wife's tennis
coach dead.
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