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Harley Davidson

Mr Harley, of Harley Davidson fame, died, and was met at the gates of heaven
by St Peter,
"Oh hi Mr Harley", says St Peter, "We have been expecting you, God says, as
you have brought pleasure to millions, he would like to see you", and so, with
that, Mr Harley is taken to see God.
"Ah, Mr Harley", says God, "As I am sure St Peter has already mentioned, I am
very pleased you have brought happiness to millions with your invention, and in
recognition of your achievements, is there anything that has always perplexed
you that I can help you sort out"
Mr Harley thinks for a moment, "You know God, I have always thought that your
design of Woman was a bit wrong, says Mr harley",
"Really?", says God, "In what way?".
"Well", says Mr Harley, "The intake is far to close to the exhaust, the design is
top heavy, and there is far too much top end chatter".
"Hmmm", says God, and he goes across to his Celestial Supercomputer, and
after a few moments he comes back over to Mr Harley, "Well Mr Harley, whilst
you do make some good points, not without some merit I might add, it is also
abundantly clear that far more people are riding my invention than your own!"
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